About Publisher/Author Debbie Regan Cleveland

Brief Bio:

Debbie has been a published author beginning in high school when she was selected to be the student reporter for an area Massachusetts newspaper, The Lowell Sun. She was a columnist for her college newspaper, and just about everywhere she was employed, she used her writing skills in newsletters and marketing pieces.

Grandmother’s Trunk Press, her company, grew out of Grandmother’s Trunk, her consignment shop full of antiques, collectibles, unique items, and vintage clothing. Debbie published brochures and booklets as part of promoting the shop.  She also was invited to write feature articles for trade antiques periodicals.

When she and a fellow dealer launched New England’s first Vintage Clothing Show and Sale, they published a companion newsletter, The Vintage Gazette, reporting on the vintage clothing market and East Coast Vintage Clothing Shows. 

Debbie worked full and part-time in public libraries for 20 years.  At one point she was the Local Store Marketing Coordinator for 13 corporate McDonald’s restaurants, using her ideas and promotional skills when introducing new products and new stores.

For several years she was the owner and webmaster of Framingham.com, one of the first community websites in the U.S. and still online.  She is a long-time volunteer at the Framingham History Center and blogs about being a senior citizen on her blog 50plusses.com.

She enjoys shopping at thrift and consignment and vintage shops, especially looking for interesting photographs and ephemera. She has created some books and digital products using her finds. You can find them on Etsy and Amazon.

For more information about Debbie and her children’s book How Shadowchaser Got His Name see Author Talk podcast on YouTube: Celebrating the release of “How Shadowchaser Got His Name: A Cat Tale ” (youtube.com)