Grandmother's Trunk: Books to Cultivate Your Enthusiasms


Grandmother’s Trunk Press grew out of Grandmother’s Trunk, a popular consignment shop full of antiques, collectibles, unique items, and vintage clothing. Grandmother’s Trunk began publishing brochures and writing articles for antiques publications as part of promoting the shop.

The Vintage Gazette Newsletter reported on the vintage clothing market and East Coast Vintage Clothing Shows. The newsletter also promoted a spinoff of the shop: the first N.E. Vintage Clothing Show: Molly’s Grandmother’s Vintage Clothing Trade Show held in Massachusetts and later in New York City. Grandmother’s Trunk Press has published a variety of custom guides and short run booklets. Now, thanks to the Internet and POD publishing options, Grandmother’s Trunk Press is providing a wider distribution online and in stores of select books. The emphasis is on books that cultivate your enthusiasms.

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Like collectibles? Like vintage images?


We do too. We are working on projects using our collection of vintage photos, books, and ephemera. You can get an idea of some of our selection by visiting our Etsy shop, GrandmotherstrunkUS.

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Grandmother's Trunk

We offer an eclectic selection of books in paperback or digital formats. Check back as our library will be expanding in the coming months.